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Sunday, December 16th, 2007
7:46 pm
Part 5 verstion 2
The next few months past quickly for Shadow Feline as a new member of COIF. Her first few weeks were spent in training to teach her new skills as well as allow the founding members of COIF assess what kind of missions were best for her. Not much thought was really needed for what she would be best at and soon her training focused on theft and espionage.

Shadow Feline like these style missions as they were never killing focused, and she was able to wound instead kill when she needed to fight. Concern that her refusal to kill would jeopardize a mission was quickly dismissed as she proved that she could fight her own way and win as well as anyone who was willing to kill.

Shadow Feline’s first couple of missions were easy, meant more for experience then to test the limits of her skills. She accomplished all of them without difficulty and so the founding members stepped up the difficulty to a level they judged as difficult for her. She amazed them all by not only getting in and out without being noticed, but she did not leave a single clue as to who had done it. The founding members were very pleased.

As Shadow Feline celebrated her third month with COIF she had managed to climb the ranks, becoming COIF’s top thief. But all was not good, she had been given an espionage mission the week before and had succeed with incident, but the ‘accident’ she caused had nearly killed someone and she asked to not be put on those missions anymore. The founding members, afraid of loosing her, agreed to her request and gave decided to make her next mission a simple one.

As she crept to the target building, invisible to the average eye, she relaxed as she realized that this was going to be a simple theft. The founding members had asked her to retrieve some medical equipment or the plans that the Freakshow used to create other Freakshows. Why the founding members wanted it was not a concern, all that mattered was this was her job.

As she approached the door to the building she noticed several Freakshows standing nearby. She studied the metal plates covering parts of their bodies. Watched their movements as they talked and moved around the door. The Freakshow were amazingly strong, able to hold their large weapons with one hand. The hand holding the weapon did not move with any grace, but the Freakshow were not about grace or tactics. Their strategy was to overpower the enemy with brute force. A common tactic but one which they did better then most, but as with all who used this strategy, speed and agility often left them dead.

Shadow Feline moved by them without them noticing. She stopped moving when she reached the door, studying it. She quietly checked the handle to see if was locked. Not surprised by the fact it was not locked, she slowly opened the door making no noise. The group of Freakshow near the door did not notice the door open or close.

Shadow Feline looked around the warehouse before venturing to far. It was old and starting to look worn down, but had been kept in good shape. The floor was clean and none of the shelves were broken or looked like they were about to fall down. The walls and ceiling showed the buildings age though. The walls were covered in scratches and the paint was peeled off in many places. The ceiling clearly displayed water damage and cracks that had been left unchecked for years.

The first two steps Shadow Feline took on the floor made her cringe. Her steps which were normally as silence as a mouse’s step seemed to echo in her ears. She slowed her steps down, and it helped but it would take forever to move at that pace from one end of the warehouse to the other. She realized that she was going to need to fight at some point in this place.

Shadow Feline moved as quickly as she dared down one hallway after another. She timed her steps to match those of Freakshows around her and stood perfectly still if they stopped moving. Although she realized that the mission was taking longer then planned and that the longer she was there the more likely she would be discovered, she did not rush herself. She knew the key to success was not in the time it took to get in and out but in getting in and out without being noticed.

As Shadow Feline shadowed the movements of a Freakshow that was walking down the hallway she was, a strange voice was heard coming from her ear piece asking if she needed any help. Shadow Feline stopped her movement and watched as the Freakshow in front of her turned around to see where the noise had come from. She watched his movements for a couple of seconds before deciding to incapacitate him.

As she was hiding the body the strange voice repeated the question. Shadow Feline did not recognize the voice and decided to ignore it hoping it would go away. Unfortunately for her it would not go away. Every few seconds the voice would repeat the question. Shadow Feline realized that they voice was not going to go away until she answered.

Shadow Feline found a corner where she felt should be able to talk without anyone hearing her. “I am busy and you are on a secret Arachnos frequency. If you don’t get off this frequency now you will be killed,” she informed the voice.

There was a short pause before laughter erupted from the hear piece. “If this was a secret frequency I doubt you would tell me that. I also know you are not on a mission for the Arachnos. All I was wondering was if you needed any help?” the voice said

“No, I am…” Shadow started to reply

“Would you mind helping me out after?” the voice asked. Shadow Feline then heard foot steps coming towards her from the hallway she had just been in. Fearful that she would be heard she replied with “Yes, if you shut up.”

There was no response from the voice.

As a couple of Freakshow passed in front of Shadow Feline she struck out at them and took them both down before they knew what happened. Worried that she might have been betrayed by someone who somehow noticed her enter the building she decided to rush the mission. She moved quickly which allowed her to be heard, but the momentary confusion caused by not seeing her allowed her to subdue her opponents before they knew what was happening.

It took only ten minutes from the last words spoken from the mysterious voice to finish the mission and be heading out the door. She had to fight a lot more then she wanted to, but she had not been captured and that was a huge plus. Shadow Feline was starting to become confident that she was going to escape without being caught.

Shadow Feline eased the door open to see if the Freakshow guards that were just outside the door when she first entered were still there. To her surprise, they were not. Dismissing a trap because she did not believe the Freakshow were smart enough to pull one off like this, she stepped outside, eased the door shut to minimize the noise, and started heading for home.

Shadow Feline took only a few steps when she hears the voice from earlier say “Good, your done.” The voice seemed to echo from both the headset and from somewhere on the roof of the Freakshow hideout. Not sure of the voices intention, she immediately took a step back and pulled out her sword. She moved into a defensive position and started sniffing the air trying to get a fix on the voices exact location.

“You cannot see me can you?” the voice asked. Shadow Feline tensed up at the realization of the disadvantage she was at. “Don’t worry, as before I am only here to either help you or to get some help from you. I noticed you earlier and am always interested in people with our skills.”

Shadow Feline continued to sniff the air as the stranger continued to talk. Using both her ears and the smell in the air she is able to pinpoint the location of the stranger. She moves her body into better defensive stance to the enemy.

“I guess my word isn’t good …” The stranger continues, but is interrupted by the sound of the door Shadow Feline just exited being demolished. A part of the door heads straight for Shadow Feline and she is forced to destroy it with her blade. Several Freakshow tankers and meat doctors come out the door and because of her attack on the door they know where she is.

Looking at the numbers and the skills of the Freakshow advancing on her, it does not take long for Shadow Feline to realize that she is in a lot of trouble. She starts moving slowly back, giving her more time to find an opening and allowing her to further analyze the skills of the approaching group.

When the first Freakshow gets within five feet of Shadow Feline she stops backing up and strikes quickly forward. Her strike is to quick for the meat doctor and she drops him in a single strike. Before the body hits the ground, Shadow Feline takes a quick couple of steps back putting a bit of distance between the next Freakshow and herself.

The rest of the Freakshow realize that this is not going to be an easy kill and stop rushing towards her. They decide to slowly surround Shadow Feline. She tries to stop them from doing it but they keep their distance from her and move on both sides of her.

Once she is surrounded, the Freakshow start getting cocky and begin taunting her with comments of skinning the cat alive and if she would taste better in a stew then raw. Shadow Feline’s training allows her to ignore the comments and focus on the fighters before her. After a few moments of waiting she figures that her best chance of survival will be if she attacks first.

She starts moving at one of the of the Freakshow tanks to her left. After the first step she pivots on her foot, changing direction and changed the tank standing in front of her. While they are still reacting to her first step she has already stabbed at and hit her first target. The jab was not enough to bring him down and by adjusting her body position she is able to bring the blade a full vertical circle around her body and strike with enough force to cut through the armour and toss him a few feet away.

Shadow Feline’s two attacks will keep the tank out of the fight, but left herself wide open for attack from half the group. A tank from behind her raised is huge battle axe into the air and readied to strike as a meat doctor on the other side of her also attacks. She quickly dropped to the ground to avoid the strike from the meat doctor, but she fell on her stomach and with feet of several Freakshow keeping from moving the battle axe was posed for a killing blow.

Shadow Feline quickly stabbed at the shins and feet of the Freakshow around her but was not able to get anyone of them to move. She then flipped herself on her back then looked up at the tank standing at her feet, lowering the battle axe straight at her. She moved her sword above her and braced for the impact of the battle axe. She knew her strength would not be enough to stop the blow but she had to try.

As she stared up at the tank the movement of a bird in the distance caught her eye. She watched it soaring so high and free, the fear of death left her. She watched the movements as she had done so many times in her life. A smile crept across her face at the realization she would die watching the birds. She could not think of a better way to go.

A scream and the thud of the battle axe landing beside her head brought her back to the reality around her. Shock and confusion crossed her face as standing on the shoulders of the Freakshow tank was a nearly bald human holding a blade that went straight through the head of the tank. I look around and see that none of the Freakshows are watching me as they are all looking at this mysterious man, so I use it to my advantage.

Moving the weight of her body to her upper back while lifting her legs in the air a bit. She then quickly shifted her weight and used the momentum to lift herself up to her own feet. The blade still in her hand, she quickly strikes at a meat doctor, cutting deep. Before the meat doctor realizes he has been hit, her blade is already moving to the next target, a tank. The strike needs to be stronger then the first to get through the armour, so she grabs the hilt with her other hand and puts a surge of her strength into the strike. It pierces the armour and another tank is done for.

By the time Shadow Feline lands her fatal blow against the tank, the Freakshow around her have turned their attention back to her. She goes on the defensive after removing her sword from the tank, using it to block attacks from a nearby meat doctor. As she takes a step back to react to other attacks, she bumps into the back of someone else. There is no armour protecting it so that means it has to be the stranger human that had saved her. She hopes he realizes that it is her and not a Freakshow.

After a few attacks from different Freakshow members, an opening appears. Shadow Feline takes a couple of steps and strikes the target in an unprotected part of the stomach. She was quick about the attack but as soon as it landed she realized she had left the human that had saved her open to attack and decided that she could not risk an attack like that again. Lucky for both of them, none of the Freakshows were able to take advantage of the opening.

When Shadow Feline returned to the human’s side, she started to apologize when she was cut off by the human “Nice attack. Feel free to do it again. Just give me a bit of a warning next time.” To her shock, there was no malice in his voice. He seemed to be happy when he said it, which confused her and almost allowed her to be hit by one of the Freakshow’s attacks.

Shadow Feline and the human stayed on the defensive, only striking at members of the Freakshow when they left themselves open for an attack. Each time one of the struck at one of the attackers they would worn the other and acting as one they would move together as one and not leave any openings for any of the Freakshow to attack.

The Freakshow’s fell one by one and soon they were out numbered. Realizing that he was the only Freakshow left, the lone survivor tried to run, but his speed was not fast enough to out run Shadow Feline and soon she had put him down. Once the last of the Freakshow’s bodies stopped moving, she sheathed her sword and turned to face the human who had saved her life. She decided to turn off her radio in case someone else was listening in.

The human was looking around at the Freakshow that had fallen around them, no doubt making sure they would not raise themselves from the dead to strike those who tried to put them down. Once he was confident they were all going to stay dead, he turned to look at Shadow Feline and for the first time she saw the human’s face.

He was a pale looking individual with no hair on his face. He was bald except for a pony-tail type thing coming out from the back of his head. His clothes were a tight fitting leather that covered his arms and body down to the top of his legs. His legs were bare except for a stocking covering about an inch above his legs to his boots that were about two inches below the knee. His boots and gloves appeared to be standard, but covered with an interesting dots intersected by lines.

At first his outfit confused Shadow Feline who was not used to seeing male humans wearing this type of clothing. And she might have stayed confused until she heard him talk for the first time without the radio distorting the voice. He was a she. Shadow Feline was confused by why she didn’t pick on that during the battle when they were talking to each other and the only thing she could think of was hearing the stranger through the radio and not out loud like she had thought.

“Nice work. We work well together,” the human said to Shadow Feline. The human started to move towards her and on instinct Shadow Feline’s paw went to the hilt of her sword. The human noticing the action, stopped moving and raised both hands in the air and said “I’m not going to attack you. I just wondered if you would like to help me with something.”

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Monday, September 10th, 2007
9:29 pm
I just lost my 3 page post. I don't have it saved anywhere else, and right now I don't want to have to re-type the whole thing again.

Will post tomorrow, if the anger is gone. ;(


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Monday, September 3rd, 2007
7:57 am
Enhancement WARS

So where to begin. Since this is about enhancements, I will start with my opinions and knowledge of enhancements. However, I must note two things before going forward. I have never personally had the Hami enhancement (the step above SO) and I have not yet started playing with the invention enhancements (will shortly with Shadow, Tech and Misc).

I will start with my personal feeling of limitation. This is in reference to the amount of a single enhancement on a power. When using Training, Duals or SOs, each one after the first becomes less effective. For SOs, it will go from 33% on the first, 28 - 31% on the second, 15 - 21% on the third (2nd and 3rd I am not sure the specific number, would double check the numbers but the servers went down 10 minutes ago at the time I write this line), and 5% of the fourth (which I know is correct). Since every single power has at least 2 things worth improving, I don't see a reason to waste slots on 5% when you could have 15% on something else that is useful.

Enhance Acc.

The first enhancement I put on ALL my powers is Accuracy. I am a firm believer in that an attack that can do 1 million damage but will hit only once every 5,000 swings is not only useless but less effective then an attack that does 1 damage a swing but never misses. Why you might ask, well because how many groups would you go through before hitting once with the big damage attack, while the other attack is at least doing something in every fight.

I normally only put 2 enhancements on any 1 power. If I find I still miss a lot with that power or the power has an AoE, I will / might increase it to 3.

Enhance Dam.

The order of strength in damage is minor, medium, high, superior, extreme. I can prove this if you want.

Early on I find I don't use Damage to much. Between acc, endurence problems, and the lack of attacks I tend to focus on those three issues. As I get more powers, I add Damage using the following system.

For minor attacks I tend to only put 1 damage slot into it because I focus on recharge time so it is always up or the secondary effect (like reducing the enemies defence) or for range if it has one, instead of the minor increase in damage. Not sure if this is a smart choice but its what I do. (or for range if needed)

For medium and high damage I normally put in 2. I only put in 2 for the same reasons I only put in 1 for minor attacks.

For Superior or Extreme I give 3 dam, 2 acc, and 1 recharge. I almost never change this, unless range of the attack is an issue

Enhance Recharge

I always try to get 1 one any power that isn't very fast or isn't something that is always on (such as a stalkers hide). I only do 2 for long or higher recharge times and there is nothing else I want to enhance. I don't think I have ever put 3 on a power outside of haste or a res power.

Enhance Endurence Reduction

Early on I put 1 on every power I can to cut back on the endurence issue I always seem to have. Once I get stamina, I tend to get rid of most to all of them as I don't need them.

For characters with powers that need to be on, like stone tankers, I tend to slot them with at least 1 each to help deal with the endurence issue they never seem to be able to escape.

For regen scrappers, I strongly suggest taking health and stamina from the general pool as well as from the regen pool. With both stamina enhancements, you should never ever have a endurence issue unless it is being stolen (from someone like a sapper).

Enhance Range

This is one I rarely use, mainly since most of my characters are either melee or support where range isn't often a concern. When I do it is normally only one slot.

Enhance Heal

If you are a healer, or your personal pool envolves healing, I put 3 no exception. 1 more point can be the difference between dieing and getting 1 more attack off. For the Heath general pool power, I slowly slot it to 3, always keeping it at 2 minium.

Enhance Endurence modification (Stamina)

I max them out if possible, or give them as many slots as I feel I can. This power is either for your own recorvery of endurence or for stealing (reducing) the enemies endurence. This is in my opinion one of the most important things in the game as it removes powers that need endurence to stay in effect and stops the enemy from attacking

Enhance Immob

Put 2 or 3, depending on the recharge and rage. I look at these powers differenly then most as I find them to be the most complete and lacking the need for much upgrading. And since they don't stop the enemy from attacking I look at it as unimportant on the controller side of things and a bonus for anyone else. The effectives for this is the same as holds (but with a longer base time)

Enhance Hold / disorent / sleep / etc (stops enemys from doing anything)

First, let me explain what I know (in my opinion) about these powers. Their effectiveness is completely based on the length they hold, as each unit type modifies the length of its usefullness.. The easiest way to explain is by giving a fake example using the numbers I think they are.

The normal single hold lasts about 12 seconds. At maxium SO bonuses (3 enhancements) it increases to about 20 seconds.
Underlings and lower drop 0-1 seconds of time
Minions drop about 2-3 seconds
Lieu drop about 5-7 seconds
Bosses drop about 9-11 seconds
Tank bosses drop about 11-13 seconds
Anything higher then a boss will reduce the hold to about 2 seconds or less

Resisting holds (or hold like effects) for non-player enemies start at boss level with 1 and increase drasticly from there. This means to "hold" them you need to do at least 2 attempts. This also effects Knockdown, knockup, and knockback

Enhance Knock_____

I increase these if I have slots to on damage focus attacks. For non-damage focused attacks (like earthquake) I max these out (with 3). From what I can tell, enhancing them increase both distance (or animation time) and the frequency of the effect, but not by the percent it says. The only flaw with knockback is that in a group it can be really annoying (like for powers that need enemies close to you) if you keep launching them around.

Enhance buff

For personal only or single target buffs I slot 3 of the primary buff and then go from there. Most of these take a fair bit of energy and the recharge is quick so I slot 4 or 5 and have the final 1 or 2 as endurence reduction.

Build up: 4 slots, 2 recharge and 2 with the buff power. If have slots and not sure what to do with them, good idea to max the above powers out (since this normally doesn't take energy)

For group buffs, well I never really had one. I would treat the same as above but I would assume the recharge is bad so I would improve that.

Enhance debuff

Slow: Max this out. If powerful enough or you have a couple, you can use this to stop an enemy from attacking. If it isn't the focus of the power, I try to add 1 or 2 as it is still an effective enemy annoyer.

Endurce steal: Max again. If on an attack (electricy based attacks) or powers where it isn't the focus, I try to put at least 1 enhancement so it hurts the enemy a little bit more.

To hit, damage delt, defence, resistance: I put 1 or 2 into these on most powers where it isn't the focus of the power. If it is the focus, then I try to get at least 2 of each, if possible.

I need a break from this before posting my 3 main characters enhancements design. Will try to do this later today. :)


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Saturday, August 18th, 2007
1:20 am
Backstory v2
Part 4

Months pasted and without Shadow Feline realizing it she had spent over half a year on her strange new home planet begging for money and food. It was tough for her as she only managed to make half what the other beggars made. And considering they were not making enough to eat every day, Shadow Feline was forced to steal more then she bought.

She had traveled to several different islands looking for better begging spots and to learn more about the people she was meeting everyday. She realized that things did not get better on any of the other islands. She had also seen many different people dressed in the most bizarre outfits she had ever seen. But everyone she met had something in common, they were all power hungry maniacs that would do anything for more power. Shadow Feline hated her surroundings but accepted them. In the end she decided to stay in Port Oaks as she found she made the most money and the food their was easiest to steal.

The streets were cold and she hated a lot of things about her life but it did have one thing she never had before. For the first time in her life she was free to do what she wanted, when she wanted, where she wanted. And although she loved the feeling at first she soon realized that this freedom required her to do a lot things to just stay alive. But it was her choice to make now and that helped her get through the tough times.

The only thing that was truly bothering Shadow Feline at this point was the loneliness. She had only said a few words to any one person on all the islands, and most of them did not reply or even acknowledged that she had said anything. She had tried to get to know some of the other beggars on the streets but most of them were crazy and attacked her when she approached them. The rest just turned their backs to her. She tried to not let it bother her but it reminded her too much of the first few years of her life.

Shadow Feline realized just how lonely she was one day when she noticed two people walking down the street holding hands. She ended up watching them for a few minutes as they slowly walked down the street. She couldn’t see either of their faces but the body language between them both made it obvious that they were in love. She felt her heart drop as she watched them and realized that she would not only never feel that kind of joy but would be lucky if she ever have someone to call friend.

Once the two lovers were out of sight Shadow Feline hoped her depression would ease up but it didn’t. The loneliness only seemed to get worse. Her mind raced with images of her being old and still begging on the streets alone and hungry as always. She shacks the terrifying image from her mind. She decides to get something to eat as it might help her nerves. She looked into the cup and counted the money she had. She realized that she did not have enough to buy any food so she was going to need to steal some.

She found a place that she normally stole from entered through the window in the back of the building. She entered and got the food without a problem but after exiting the building she realized that two people had noticed the window move without anyone aiding it. This was not the first time it happened so she paid no attention to the two individuals staring at the window. But when they asked how she managed to go invisible her hand instinctively went to the hilt of her sword as the rest of her body froze in fear as they could see her.

Shadow Feline stood motionless with her hand on the handle of her sword. She studied the two of them in front her closely at that moment. The one on the left was a short female in a tight red leather outfit that seemed to shine a bit in the light. The female had on black leather gloves that seemed to be darker around the palms and finger tips. Her boots where also black and seemed to be of this planets military style. Her eyes and hair were red with her hair hanging down all around her head but short enough to not cover her eyes.

The male was in street clothes that seemed to be both torn and partially burnt. His hands where bare and he had on shoes that seemed to be more then a couple of years old. His face was pale and looked like he was extremely ill if not dead. His hair was surprising well kept and short and his eyes were dark and seemed to look right though her. This made her extremely comfortable and she tightened her grip on the handle of her sword.

One other thing stood out about these two. They had matching symbols over their hearts which told Shadow Feline that they were part of some super group. She did not recognize the symbol, but to her all the groups were made up of selfish, blood thirsty, evil creatures. She realized that her only options were to run away or to stand and fight. She thought should could beat them in a fight but she was out numbered and she had seen seemingly weak looking individuals defeat superior looking opponents without trouble and she could not afford to underestimate them.

She took off at full speed away from the two potential enemies and held her speed as long as she could before slowing down to a more manageable pace. She was only able to keep the speed up for a few seconds as she had not eaten that day or the previous. When she slowed down and looked behind her she noticed that two humans had not moved and they were staring right at her.

She kept running for as long as she could, weaving through streets and alleyways hoping that they would not be able to follow her. She only stopped when she collapsed due to exhaustion. She dragged herself to the side of a nearby building and rested there while her breathing returned to normal. Her stomach ached so she looked down at the meagre amount of food she had just stolen as she ate it she realized it would not be enough after all the energy she used up.

Shadow Feline ate all the food she just stole and rested against the building for a few hours before finally forcing herself to her feet. She moved slowly and carefully to a different store. She planned to steal food from, but she kept a careful watch out for the other two who had seen her earlier. Luckily she did not see them.

Shadow Feline arrived at the store just as the sun was setting. The night was starting off quieter then it normally does which would make her job easier. She followed her normal routine of entering behind someone else and leaving with someone else. The job went smoothly and she took enough to fill herself up in case a fight was in her future.

Two weeks went by since Shadow Feline had been spotted exiting out of a store, however she had not stopped fearing an attack. She did seem to be more relaxed in her day to day routines and had even started begging again. She was beginning to believe her life was going to get back to when she got a very strange donation, a business card from the female that had seen her two weeks earlier.

Shadow Feline had not noticed the woman approach her, she moved so lightly that the noise of her footsteps where blocked by the sounds of a nearby train. The woman did not say a word or make any gestures towards Shadow Feline, she simply put the business card in Shadow Feline’s donation cup and walked away.

Confused by the encounter she at first did not remove the business card. She just stared at the card, then at the woman, then back at the card. This went on for almost a minute before the woman disappeared from her sight. Shadow Feline then spent the next few minutes just staring at the card, afraid that it might explode or do something else horrible if she touched it.

When Shadow Feline finally worked up the courage to touch it she moved her hand slowly towards it. With her hand hovering inches above the business card she took a deep breathe then, moving as fast as she could, pulled the card out of her cup and tossed it into the air. She moved her body defensively, as if the card had exploded. After a few seconds without an explosion she looked in the air and on the ground to find the card. It was not that far from her and was just lying on the ground.

Shadow Feline watched the card on the ground as if expecting it to start moving any second. She slowly moved her head over top of it to read what was on the business card without touching it. She looked at it but all that was on the side of the card facing upwards was the symbol she had seen on the two humans and the letters C. O. I. F. underneath them.

Shadow Feline wondered what the letters stood for but was more interested what was on the other side of the card. She extended a single claw and used it to flip the business card. The other side proved to contain more useful information. It showed the address, a date and time, and the line A better future awaits those with talent.

It took a few minutes for her to understand all of it as she was still having some problems with the written part of the language everyone spoke. With all the silent and alternate uses of different letters made Shadow Feline easily confused. But once she figured it all out she realized that it was the same address of the store that the two humans had seen her exiting a two weeks ago. The date was the next day and the time was first light.

Shadow Feline went to her favourite hiding spot and tried to figure out what to do next. She had never wanted to join one of the super groups because of the stories surrounding them. But she was not sure what would happen if she decided not to show. Would they hunt her down? Would they try to kill her for not showing? She then realized that the whole thing might be a trap and if she showed she would be captured or turned over to the police.

Shadow Feline did not sleep that night as she tried to figure out what to do. As the sky started to lighten she still had not made up her mind. She realized that if she was going to go she would have to leave at that moment. She quickly reviewed her arguments, which left her unsure. She looked up at the sky and noticed the last star twinkling against the coming morning. She thought about her whole life then, from the time she was kid to her first night on the Mercy Island to her life on Earth to this point. She decided to go, as her life could not get worse.

Part 4.5 to come soon, by end of weekend unless i forget about it again

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Tuesday, February 20th, 2007
9:30 pm
Part 3
Over the next few days Shadow Feline focused on exploring the island and trying to find some food. It was a long and dangerous due to so many fights happening all over the place. To add to the problem, food was scarce outside of the two fortresses. She thought about entering them but had seen large groups of the snake things and the humans with the white painted face try to force their way in to each of the fortresses. None survived more then a couple of seconds. She didn’t want to test either fortresses ability to see her even if she was invisible.

During her exploring she found a small dock area behind the larger of the two fortresses. She watched it and noticed that it wasn’t well defend, but a constant stream of the dangerous humans kept entering and leaving area, making it impossible to take something without someone noticing. She thought about leaving the island on one of the ships but figured someone would trip over her due to the small size of all the ships but the amount of people that came out of them.

As night approached on her forth day since she arrived on the alien planet of Earth, she stumbled onto what would be her third meal. It was a meagre meal consisting of half a bottle of the yellow liquid that all the humans seem to love, a couple small pieces of brown lumps she heard someone call chocolate, and two slices of bread which she remembered from her studies. Shadow Feline hated the taste of all the items but it was better then nothing.

As the sun rose the next day, Shadow Feline realized that she would not survive for long in her current situation. She decided she needed to risk being discovered, she needed to get inside the one of the fortress and hope to find food there. She decided the bigger one was her best bet since from what she could see of the other one there was no way she would get food.

Shadow Feline got to the main entrance early that morning and spent an hour watching and counting the humans entering and leaving. She noticed that the traffic seemed to be lower then the average, and decided it would be the best time to try and sneak in.

She approached slowly, making no noise but aware of all movement and noise around her. With each step she was ready for someone or something to attack her. But to her surprise, no one seemed to notice her approach. She took that as good sign.

Shadow Feline made it all the way to the door on the far right without incident. She stood at the door for a moment, looking around, expecting someone to attack her but still no one seemed to notice. After a few moments she finally moved to open the door. But, before she could push the button the door suddenly opened.

The noise the door made as it opened was not that loud, but in that instant it sounded like a train to Shadow Feline. Her heart stopped, her hand went instinctively to the hilt of her sword and she positioned herself to strike at whatever came out the door. She heard noise of someone just beyond the door, it was more of the laughing noise. This laughing noise seemed different and made Shadow Feline feel warm inside, but she just shook off the feeling not wanting to be caught off guard.

A second passed, but to Shadow Feline it felt like a minute before the first thing of someone exiting came into her sight. It was a foot, smaller then a normal human’s foot so she adjusted her attack angle to strike a small target.

Time came to a near stop as more and more of the person coming through the door became visible to Shadow Feline. She didn’t move or get distracted as she waited. She was still aware of her surroundings, fearing a second attacker might already be ready to strike her. Then the person came out into full view and Shadow Feline struck without pause the moment the head of the person came into view.

But it was a child.

Shadow Feline stopped, with the tip of the blade inches from the side of the child’s head. She slowly moved the sword away from child, a child with a beautiful smile across her face. She was laughing again, and like it did before it seemed to make her feel warm inside again.

Shadow Feline realized in a moment how close she was to taking a life, and almost dropped her sword. She stood motionless, watching the child move care free and happy. Shadow Feline watched every playful step, every cheerful motion, with mixed feelings. Watching the child made her want to smile. The thought of how close she had come to killing her made her sick.

As Shadow Feline went back to a relaxed stance, a powerful looking human exited from the tunnel. He was dressed in what looked like a metal armour from head to toe. Four metal spikes, two on each shoulder, were placed in a way to both hinder attacks at the neck and to hold the impressive cape. The red symbol of the Arachons on the cape and his chest seemed to glow, letting everyone know of his power.

Shadow Feline had heard rumours of men dressed like him. They were known as the wolf spider huntsmen, the most powerful of the Arachons army. The rumours also told that they answered in person to the Lord of the islands, a person known as Recluse. Shadow Feline doubted that part of the rumour from the moment she heard it. Rulers never knew anyone below the highest ranking generals and she knew that the wolf spider huntsmen were not the highest generals as they still fought against the little people. After seeing this huntsman she knew he would be challenge in fight.

The huntsman said something to the child and the little girl ran up to the huntsman. As they started walking towards the fortress, four other agents of Arachons emerged from the door. Two were lower ranking wolf spider agents, dressed in the same type of armour but without the cape. As she looked closer at the armour she noticed it was a little thinner too.

The other two were not walking but floating a few inches off the ground and a crackle of energy seemed to follow them. They were both wearing large red cloaks and seemed to be missing their arms. Shadow Feline knew them right away to be part of the Mu branch of the military forces. There energy attacks were not strong, but they sapped a bit of strength making them great additions to any force.

They all moved away from Shadow Feline giving no indication that they had noticed her. She didn’t hesitate and entered the door before it closed itself automatically. Once inside she looked all around the hallway for defences. She didn’t see any and although doubted that they didn’t have something in the hallway to stop intruders. She cautiously continued forward and made it to the other side without incident.

Shadow Feline quickly located the button to open the other door. She got herself ready for an attack then pressed the button. The door opened revealing a better maintained city then the area outside the fortress. She exited the hallway and moved to a nearby alley. From the alley she studied the different buildings and they all seemed to be the same design, materials and built in the same time period as the buildings outside. The difference is the buildings inside have been maintained as the outside ones were ignored.

A hissing sound from behind Shadow Feline caught her attention and as she turned around to face the noise she placed her hand on the hilt of her sword. She saw the large snake like things, like the ones she had seen outside the fortress. They were fighting wolf spider agents, and looked to be winning. The ground around them had bodies of three other wolf spiders and a larger snake. A hole in the ground near by let Shadow Feline know how the battle most likely started.

Shadow Feline watched the rest of the battle having never seen the wolf spider’s fight in combat. They used a metal rod with what appeared to her as a crystal on the end of. From a distance the spider agents would fire out a red energy beam. When in close, the spider agents would swing it like a club. Shadow Feline was a bit impressed, she had never seen anything that would be affective weapon at a moderate to long distance that was made of strong enough material to be used as a melee weapon in close combat.

The fight itself turned out to be interesting. It was four smaller snakes and one larger snake against one mu agent and two wolf spider agents. The wolf spider agents were positioned to protect the mu, and they were far enough apart that the smaller snakes could not get around them or between them. If one of the smaller snakes tried to rush the mu the wolf spider in range of it would hit the snake with his weapon, drawing attention back to him. The mu was focusing on the smaller snakes, alternating attacks on both sides and rotating through all of the smaller snakes.

As for the snakes, the smaller ones were attacking the wolf spider agents but seemed to be trying to get to the mu. However, if one of them tried to get past they would get hit and focus back on the wolf spider. The larger snake was attacking the mu agent but was to far away and its spit attacks kept falling short. It would move forward a bit after each attack, but not enough to compensate. When the mu was finally in range of the spit attacks, the mu would just move out of the way of the slow attack. That did not deter the large snake, and it kept trying to hit the mu.

The wolf spider agents did a great job of defending the smaller snakes attacks and were not getting hit at all. But at the same time they were not attacking very often and Shadow Feline was sure that they would know a longer fight would not be to there advantage. Or would it? She remembered then that the mu’s attack sapped a bit of strength. What if it was enough to tire the snakes out first. Shadow Feline became very interested in the fight at that point.

The fight dragged on with both sides tiring, but it was the smaller snakes tired first. When the first of the smaller snakes died it seemed to give the wolf spider agents renewed strength and their attack speed picked up. With this renewed vigour, the rest of the smaller snakes went down fast leaving the larger snake alone against the three spider agents.

The larger snake stopped its attacks and tried to run. The wolf spiders were not content with only a partial victory and chased after the snake. The snaked turned at the corner of the building and went out of sight. The two wolf spider agents were right behind. Shadow Feline heard the sound of the snake dieing shortly after and new the fight was now over.

With the battle over and with some insight into the wolf spider and mu tactics, Shadow Feline decided it would be a good idea to survey this new area as her hunger pains were getting much worse. She first focused on the main routes and found shops selling everything from food to weapons to pleasure. She was shocked by this, as her readings about the other city had banned or strict security on almost everything that a first time thief could walk away with here, but the stuff that the other city would give away was in building that looked like a vault.

Shadow Feline quickly realized that without the thing called money she was going to continue to starve. But she did not know how she was going to get some. She had only seen it change hands to people who had something to give up or by someone taking it from a dead body. She had nothing she was willing to sell, and she did not want to kill for it.

As she continued walking down the main streets trying to figure out how to get money she noticed several people holding cups in their hands just sitting against a wall. They seemed week and sick. A couple of them were missing limbs, others couldn’t stop coughing. All their clothes were ripped and seemed to be decades old. Shadow Feline was curious as to what they were doing so she took a moment to watch them.

They sat motionless for the most part, but when someone would walk by they would force themselves to look up at the person passing by. Some said something but she could not hear what from where she was. Most of the time they were ignored but every now and then someone would drop a coin or two into the cup. The person sitting down would smile and say something to them before returning to the state of motionless sitting.

The large snake creatures, spider agents, and other people who were constantly attacking everything that moved on this island did not seem to notice them or they were just ignoring them. Shadow Feline could not understand why at first but she eventually realized that they must not have enough money to be worth the time it would take to beat them up for it.

Shadow considered her options and decided that she would steal some food and a cup then start her new life as one of the forgotten on the street. But, would she make any money? She was so different from the everyone else? Would someone just take her away because she was different? And what about her face, it was so different from a humans no one would give her anything because of that alone, would they?

As she thought about that she noticed someone walking by in coat made of fur, and then she remembered seeing others wearing different things made from fur much like her own. She decided that no one would notice it wasn’t a coat. Or at least that was what she hoped until she could get something to cover up more completely.

Shadow Feline’s fur problem hopefully solved, she had to do something about her face. She looked around and saw a couple of people with fists glowing from the energy they control. She focused on their faces and noticed that they had a piece of cloth covering their faces from just below their eyes to their necks. She realized it would not be hard to get something so small or to make one herself and it would cover most her face. Her eyes would still be visible but so many people had weird eyes that she did not think they would stand out that much.

Shadow Feline made her way slowly down the street and found a place she figured she could steal some food from. She waited patiently by the door for someone to enter. When the next person did she followed closely behind him and once inside moved quickly and quietly to the side of the store. She grabbed a couple of pieces of meat and focused her energy until the meat became invisible like she was.

She started back to the door when she noticed a cup much like the ones the other people had right near the door. There was a problem though, it was high enough to be noticed if anyone looked her way while she was making it disappear or if she tried to move it lower. She looked around and nobody was nearby or watching the door so she put all the meat in one hand and with the free hand grasped the cup.

She didn’t take it down right away, but instead focused on making it go invisible while still on the shelf. While she was doing this she was looking around the store to make sure nobody was looking her way. Her confidence that she was going to get it without being noticed was growing, but the sound of the door opening turned her calm state to panic in a heart beat.

She looked first to the door and saw a human male in plain clothes entering. She turned to the cup and noticed it was disappearing at that moment. She looked around and saw a couple people looking towards the door. The second it was completely invisible she quickly moved it off the shelf and bolted out the now closing door.

The human entering the store reacted to her passing but was confused by the fact he saw nothing. Shadow Feline did not look back as she ran down the street looking for a place to hide and eat her small meal. She found a dark corner at the end of the street between the eastern wall of the fortress and the last of the building on the street.

She sat down in the corner and took a moment to catch her breath. Once her breathing was under control she ate the pieces of meat. They tasted great and she savoured every bite should took. But she was done well before feeling full and that seemed to take away some of the happiness she felt at eating the best meal she had in days.

With her tummy still rumbling in hunger, Shadow Feline stood up and emerged from the shadows to start her new life.

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Tuesday, January 16th, 2007
7:21 pm
Back story for newest hero

I have been working on the back story for a while and have finally come up with something I kinda like. I might still tweak this a bit but come sunday I plan to put this in as back story.

Hope you like it :)

With fire in heart and justice in hand
He went through space to a new land
Time it took but waver he did not
Charged with justice, his fire stayed hot
Death greeted him when he arrived on Earth
Shocked was he when it turned out to be his birth

New was the body and strong it made him feel
With grace it moved and quickness he would heal
Fire he could create and control with his mind
Shields like bubbles to others he could bind
Fast was his mastery of his new found powers
Pleased was his saviours in their hidden towers

But he soon found out that the gift was not free
And his saviours told him a slave he shall be
So he began his new life without choice or say
Minute by minute, hour by hour, day by day
Tough was the work and short were the nights
But through all the pain he focused his might
He was there for a reason, there for a cause
So in spite of it all, he put justice on pause

When his freedom was earned, he went back on the hunt
But which city would she in, hiding and waiting to taunt
So he went to the place were one could blend in
And would be safe to travel if you can hide your sin
Paragon was the name, Atlas was the place
He started at the centre, and looked for a trace
From that point each step brought him closer to his goal
From that point he knew his life would soon be whole

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Thursday, December 28th, 2006
8:33 pm
Part 2 Version 2

Shadow spent the first few minutes in space looking back at her home planet. She watched and thought about who the man who had saved her was and wondered if anyone would even care that she was gone. That made her think of her mentor and she wondered what he would think when he got the news she had escaped. Would he be happy that she lived or disappointed that she ran away? She then started to think if she would even care that she had left. She pondered that thought and the others as her planet slowly disappeared out of sight.

Once Shadow Feline couldn’t see her former home anymore, she decided it would be a good idea to learn what she could about her new home before going into a cryo-stasis. The first screen was a map of the planet colour coded based on the population of the regions with a couple of red dots were scattered across the planet. As she moved the pointer over each region information on that regions technology available, food production levels, government structure, religions, and culture was displayed. She highlighted one of the red dots and it showed more specific information such as laws, crime rate, and diversity. She spent a few minutes reading up on all the red dots before she chose one, Paragon City.

She reviewed more information on what would be her new home and memorized it before going into stasis. Before she shut the door she took once last look at her former home.


Shadow Feline came out of status a couple hours from earth. She was extremely groggy and spent the first few minutes stretching and going through attack and defence motions with her katana. Once she got her movements back to normal she checked her course. Panic sets in as she realizes that several key systems had malfunctioned while she was in cryo-stasis. The two most notable were the malfunctions alarm and flight control.

Shadow Feline rushed from one place to another desperately trying to restore the lost systems. She opened panels everywhere trying to get the different systems back online. She had little success due to her lack advanced technical skills and limited knowledge of the spacecraft itself. After an hour of hard work she was only able to restore the sensors, a five minute job according to the manual she was using. She decided to sit back and wait to see what would happen next.

The ship entered Earth’s atmosphere on route for Paragon City, but as it traveled through the atmosphere it was thrown of course. Shadow Feline watch without emotion, once again her future was not hers to control and she expected she would not survive the landing. Without realizing it, her hand went to her sword. Somehow, she felt better while holding it.

As Shadow Feline watched the Earth’s surface approach, the ship suddenly banked hard to right. This changed the course and sent the spacecraft into a tailspin. The controls were still broken so She couldn’t do anything. She looked at the instruments in front her, they told her that it would now be a water landing 200 miles south east of Paragon city. The ship was still out of control though so it was not certain yet where she would end up.

The ship landed upside down in the middle of the ocean. The impact was hard and Shadow Feline was thrown out of the chair she was sitting in. She landed on her feet though and was quickly moving to get her stuff together. The water was all around her ship but not rushing into the cockpit of the ship, yet. The ship started sinking instantly and she was not sure how long it would last before the increasing pressure would create a crack in the hull. Once she had gathered all of belongings she got a good grip and opened the hatch that lead to the alien planet.

Water rushed in and pushed Shadow Feline back but her grip held and she was able to pull herself back to her feet. The water level rose quickly inside the ship and once it was up to her neck she took a deep breath and forced herself out of the ship. It was tough but she got away from the ship and swam the short distance to the surface. She turned a full circle and saw only one island so she started swimming straight for the island.

Shadow Feline started her swim as the sun began to rise above the water behind her. The swim took a long time, longer by the fact that her wet fur made her heavier and even with her training she found herself tiring long before the shore. All the water lowered her spirit as well as she had always hated the water. She always felt sluggish after getting out of the water and her body always felt slimy for days afterwards. But it could not be helped so she just accepted her current situation and swam on.

As she got closer to the shore she noticed that it was inhabited by a semi modern civilization, or at least was. The buildings on the island where made of bricks and cement but were in a state of decay. None of the buildings had collapsed, but several looked like they might. She was still to far away to see any people nor any sign of civilized life. It was not Paragon city, but it was better then the water.

Not long after seeing the buildings she noticed two large fortress like structures on either side of the island. The one on her right was larger then the other one. Its outer walls climbed at least five stories into the air straight up and smooth. It seemed to stretch for more then a mile wide and half a mile deep. The material that it was made off gave off a bit of shine that suggested strength and power over anything that might be thrown at it.

The other fortress was to her left and seemed to be made of the same material, but its walls were not as tall. Its width and length was not much bigger then the buildings near it. It also had a ramp in the middle of it with no gate blocking the path. On the walls at different heights were outcropping balconies which made it look climbable. Not overly impressed by either, Shadow Feline continued forward without breaking a stroke. She did however turn herself invisible for she was not sure if the two fortresses where at war with each other.

Shadow Feline crawled onto the shore and laid down for a rest after noting nobody around. She didn’t allow herself to sleep as she laid on the beach. She needed to survey the island and find a place to sleep and eat as her food disappeared during the swim to the island. After about ten minutes Shadow Feline forced herself to her feet. The weight from her wet fur and her fatigue from the swim slowed her movements quite a bit and made her want to lay down right there to sleep. She looked at the sky and noted that the sun had already passed the halfway point. She figured there would be only a couple hours of sunlight left in the day. She decided to get moving while it was still light out.

As Shadow Feline took her first few steps forward she heard a hissing noise coming from behind her. She was invisible but had read in one of the reports that some people on this world could see invisible things. She quickly pulled out her sword as she spun around to see what had made the noise. She was stunned to see several snake-like creatures that were taller then her moving across the beach parallel to the shore line. None of them seemed to have noticed her as they did not acknowledge her presence. Intrigued by these creatures she followed them.

The strange snake creatures kept hissing as they moved along the beach. Shadow Feline assumed that they were talking to each other at first but then they started to talk. She didn’t understand what they were saying but from their tone she knew they were angry about something. She noted that they all had a single sharp claw for hands on decent sized arms. She considered their movements and assumed that if it came to a fight with them she could beat them all without much trouble.

They turned suddenly, heading off the beach and down an alley moving towards what Shadow Feline thought was the centre of the city. She turned and followed them down the alley, moving carefully so that she did not make a noise. The snakes continued straight for a bit but when they rounded a corner there was a sudden load bang followed by several pieces of metal flying through the air. Some of the metal pieces hit the lead snakes, causing deep wounds.

One of the lead snakes went down after a few of the pieces of metal hit the creature in the head. The rest of the snakes let out a loud hissing sound, that hurt Shadow Feline’s ears a bit, then charged around the corner. Shadow Feline moved against the wall on side of the street the flying metal were coming from and crept slowly towards the edge of the building. She did not look around the corner until after the load noises had stopped, hoping that the flying metal would also stop when the load banging noise ended.

Shadow Feline saw all of the snake things laying on the ground in front of several humans. The humans all wore the same light blue cloth with pockets with pieces of metal over their chests and a dark blue cloth with no pockets over their legs. She studied the material on their bodies closely as she had never seen anything like it before. She had seen people on her home world wear stuff over their fur but it was only when in battle or when working with dangerous material and was meant to protect them from something. The material they had on seemed week and unable to stop anything stronger then a slight breeze.

She also noticed that several of the humans had weird looking L shaped metal things in their hands. She was confused to what they were but then she remembered one of the documents she read had mentioned these devices. They were called guns and were the source of the flying metal pieces called bullets. She also remembered that these ‘guns’ were to be considered dangerous. She didn’t think they were that big of a deal, she could easily dodge or block the bullets from these guns.

One of the humans said a something while pointing at the snake creatures Shadow Feline had followed, then all the humans started laughing. She stopped thinking about the reports she had read then and started to wonder about what was said, but then a different human said something and they all moved around the snakes and headed down an alley perpendicular to the one she had been on.

Shadow Feline took another look at the dead snake creature’s bodies laying in the street, then at the humans that had just killed them and were now walking away. Curious as to what was so important that they would leave dead bodies in the middle of the street, she followed the humans.

The humans walked at a slow pace as they moved down the street. Their weapons were not drawn but their hands were never far from their guns. The humans kept an eye out as they moved down the street but they kept laughing as the walked. Shadow Feline wished she could tell what was being said so she too could laugh.

After a couple of minutes of walking, they passed some other humans with the same strange cloth on them. Well, all but one of them was the same. The different one wore a dark blue cloth over his chest and had noticeably more metal on his shirt but was otherwise the same. The humans Shadow Feline was following quieted down when they saw the other group and they all said the same thing as they passed. The one in the different shirt was the only one of the other group who said anything back.

As Shadow Feline passed them she noticed a strange and terrible smell coming from them. She looked at them all more closely and noticed that they were all holding a small white stick thing that was on fire. The humans kept putting it up to their mouth and then breathing in deeply. She sniffed the air again to try and figure out what hidden scent she was missing, but it caused her to gag and she almost started coughing. A couple of the humans on the wall seemed to tense up as if they heard something, so she decided it was best to move on.

She caught back up with the first group of humans she was following just as they turned a corner. She thought more about the white sticks as they continued on and making a few turns here and there. Shadow Feline realized after a bit that they were not walking a specific route like she had first thought. She was wondering why they were just wondering around when the humans in front of her stepped out past a building and more loud bangs were heard.

A couple humans fell to the ground as Shadow Feline moved against a wall and waited for the flying metal to stop. She watched the humans she had been following pull out their guns and point them in the direction of the loud bangs. They started moving for cover too at this point, but it was to late. It took only a few more seconds for the remaining humans she had been following to fall to the ground, dead.

Shadow Feline felt nothing for the dead humans and that thought bothered her a bit. She did not know them but had her life gotten to the point where she no longer cared about death? She pondered that question as she looked around the corner to see who was there. She was shocked by what she saw. There was a group of about seven humans with a black cloth over a white cloth which was over their chests. They also had black cloth over their legs, just like the others but theirs seemed older and more worn out. But what had shocked her the most was the white symbol they had painted on their faces. Each one was the same and although she had never seen the symbol before it was somehow unsettling.

They started cheering loudly as they walked up to the bodies of the other dead humans. Shadow Feline watched them go through the other humans pockets grabbing their weapons, bullets, round metal pieces of different sizes and with different pictures stamped onto them, and other things she did not recognize.

They too laughed as they walked away from the dead bodies that were left where they fell. Shadow Feline was really confused now. She could not believe that everyone seemed to just leave bodies in the street, it was so unhealthy and would they not attract potentially dangerous animals?

Confused and still not sure what was going on, Shadow Feline decided to follow the latest victors to see where they were going. They walk as straight a line as you could on this island to a man who they traded the round pieces of metal for some small boxes containing the white sticks with the bad smell. They all light up one stick as they walked away. They each seemed happier after the first time they put it to their mouth and inhaled. She wondered why that was as she followed them, at a further distance, down one street after another.

They too seemed to walk around without direction and came to dead ends often. They would then turn around and head off in some other direction. They laughed often as the moved, mostly after destroying something they found in an alley. They didn’t seem to have a reason for doing it because sometimes they would destroy an object then the next time they came to the same type of object they wouldn’t do anything to it. Shadow Feline was confused but intrigued by this strange behaviour.

As the first of them finished their second small white stick, which had been reduced to a fraction of their former size, to the ground they too were ambushed. This time it was snake creatures that had ambushed them. They had jumped out from a hole in the ground as they passed by.

The fight was longer then the first two Shadow Feline had watched. The snakes had smaller numbers then the humans but there were two larger snake creatures with them. The larger snake creatures spat at a couple of the humans before the humans had reacted and the two humans hit fell to the ground screaming in pain. The rest of the humans pulled out their guns then as the little snakes creatures rushed at them with claw hands ready to strike.

The humans started firing their guns at the charging snake creatures and they had good success, killing three of the four snake creatures before they had a chance to attack. The surviving smaller snake creature didn’t miss though, and it killed the human he was attacked with a slash across his face. The two larger snake creatures charged at that point and with a big swing each they managed to hit four humans, causing two of them to fall to the ground limp.

The two remaining wounded humans were still firing their guns, but few shots were hitting any part of the snake creatures. The shots that did hit seemed to only graze the snake creatures and do minimal damage. Shadow Feline could tell they were getting ready to run away but the snake creatures were quicker then them and soon the three snake creatures where all attacking the two humans. It did not take long for them to die.

The snake creatures had won, but they didn’t seem to care. They just returned to their hole and it appeared to Shadow Feline that they were just waiting for something else to pass by. Shadow Feline considered her options and decided to just wait to see what would happen next.

As the sun began to set, Shadow Feline watched the fourth victim since she first began watching the ambush point enter the alley way that lead to the hole. As she had seen many times before, the three snake creatures jumped out of the hole as the victim passed by. This victim was different though. The human, dressed in what looked more like a combat outfit, turned around and raised her hands. The larger snake creatures moved their heads back getting ready to spit when fire streaked from each hand hitting one of the larger snake creatures in the head.

The larger snake creature that was hit fell to the ground, its head smouldering from the fire. The other one spat at the human, but the human dodged the attack and brought her hands to either side of the smaller snake’s head that had charged her. The human lit her hands on fire, lighting the head of the small snake creature on fire. The human then turned to face the last snake creature’s charge.

The larger snake creature swung viciously and widely at the human but she stayed calm and either dodged the swing or blocked it with one of her hands, which were still on fire. The human was patient waiting for the right moment, and when it came she aimed both hands at the snake creatures head and another streak of flame streaked out. It hit the snake’s head and the snake creature fell back, dead.

The human then removed something from both of the larger snake creatures mouths and headed back the way she came. Curious as to how the human controlled fire and what she had taken from the snake creatures, Shadow Feline followed her all the way back to the smaller fortress.

As she got to the last building before the smaller fortress the human turned down a small alley way. Shadow Feline followed her not fearing any trap. Shadow Feline saw the human talking to a strange man in a black cloth. It was about the items she had removed and they seemed to be arguing about it for some reason. After a bit the female handed over the items and the male handed over a plastic card.

The human then left the alley way and went towards the ramp in the middle of the small fortress. She went straight past some robotic guards unlike anything Shadow Feline had ever seen, and up the ramp. Shadow Feline decided not to follow her into the fortress. There were a lot of people entering and leaving the place, some by themselves and others in groups, and she could see more of the robotic creatures inside. She watched until the sun had fully set and darkness engulfed the island. The traffic flow increase shortly after the sun had set but after half an hour it returned back to normal.

As Shadow Feline watched she debated what to do next. She looked at the buildings near the fortress and did not think it would be safe to sleep in any of them. She thought about the different places she had been that day and realized that she wasn’t safe anywhere. She curled up into a ball where she was sitting, laid her head down on her arms and tried to get some sleep where she was. Her stomach growled then, she would have to get some food early the next day.

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Tuesday, December 12th, 2006
10:06 pm
Take turns 1
The sun was moments away from disappearing for the day, but the sky was still a brilliant red. The light seemed to reveal some hidden beauty in the decaying buildings of the slums of Cap. It was quiet at the moment, a rare treat but the feeling in the air was that hell was about to be released upon the world. The feeling was especially strong when staring at the three shadowy figures on one particular rooftop. Although they faces were hidden, the intensity of them all was clear to all who glanced at them.

The figures on the roof stood motionless as they waited for a door to open. All of them knew how to be patient and even though they all wanted nothing more then to rip the door down and get to the target, that was the worse thing they could do, so they waited.

The door they watched opened an hour after the sun had disappeared. All the figures remained still, but the tension in the air seemed to rise. A man dressed in a black combat outfit appeared in the open doorway and moved outside. He began to shut the door when it suddenly was met with resistance. Confused the man tried harder to shut the door, but it didn’t help. He looked around the door but saw nothing so he went back inside to see if the problem was there. He appeared outside again with a thud, his lifeless body laying across the doorway.

That was the sign the figures on the rooftop were waiting for and they jumped down to the ground. Despite their height, they didn’t make a sound when they hit the ground. All of them got up right away and ran for the door. The first of them through the doorway noted several more men dressed in the same outfit standing in defensive formation around the room. They didn’t notice her entering though, they were busy opening fire on a humanoid tiger that was hacking away at one of them with a katana while using another as a bullet shield.

The first one through the door raised her hand while and changed direction heading to the right side of the room. She fired a large icicle at one of the men on that side of the room. She followed behind her attack and sent a blast of wet air at a different target on the same side. The first attack hit its target right in the chest and knocked him to the ground. The second attack hit a different target freezing him solid. The first one through the door went for cover, and planned her next strike.

The second one through the door continued straight ahead and jumped over the defences the men had set up. She struck at one of the men with this metal claws right in the chest. She brought up her legs up to the man’s stomach after she connected and used her feet to do a back flip, stopping her forward momentum and freeing both of her hands. She landed on her feet and turned to her right. Two men were nearby and had already lining up a couple of shots at her. Unfazed by the threat, she just went straight at them, claws up.

The last one in the door kicked the body out of the doorway and into the room, allowing the door to shut on its own accord. His attention was then fixed on the people to the left of the second person into the room. He released a beam of concentrated radiation towards them. Two of them where hit with the first attack and went down. He then continued left, releasing shot after shot at all the enemies he saw.

The first one in the room was only behind the cover for a few seconds before coming out from behind her cover. She brought down shards of ices from the air above several enemies, forcing them out in the open where she picked them off one by one with bolts of ice. A smile crossed her face as the last of the enemies forced out into the open went down.

“For Master” was heard by all still alive in the room then. It was a scream of defiance made by the humanoid tiger as she forced her sword through the last enemy standing in front of her. Her normally playful attitude replace with rage and intensity that would scare all but the bravest who stood against her. She removed her blade in a single quick motion, allowing the man she had just killed to fall to the ground.

Shadow Feline’s comment caused all the other members to look around at each other. There force was smaller then it used to be. But that was about to change. This was the location of one lost members, their former leader, Jabawork. They were going to free him today, and remove anyone in their way by any means.

Demi Tasse, leader of the force that had just infiltrated this council base, looked around the room and studied the only three other people still standing in the room. To her left was the creature known as Xoar, and radiation corruptor with little humanity left. To her right was the replicant known as Tialice, a claws assassin. In front of her, wiping her sword clean on the body of one her victims is the alien cat assassin named Shadow Feline.

“Lets go” Demi Tasse says to the other four. All four of them disappear from sight and move deeper into the base.
Monday, November 27th, 2006
9:45 pm
Back story v2
Shadow Feline was looking at a group of birds flying in the air. She had been watching them since they took flight a few minutes ago. Birds had always intrigued her. To her they represented freedom, something she always wanted but was never allowed. A tear rolled down her cheek as she realized she would never see a bird again.

The bus turned and the birds disappeared from her sight. She looked down at the floor again. To sad, to depressed to continue looking at the beautiful but cruel world anymore. She moved her arms and legs as much as she could. They were cramping up again, and the pain was gettin4g worse. The restraints were tight though, providing little movement. She tried to focus on the floor to distract her mind from the pain. It didn’t work, nothing worked for the better for her anymore. That made her think about her life.

Her childhood was nothing more then empty love and loneliness. Born with the gift that would one day allow her to go invisible to the eye, her fate was sealed before her first breath. The military in her country would take her away from her parents the moment she disappeared for the first time. With this knowledge her parents named her Feline, meaning person.

Her parents went through the motions of love but they were all hollow. Her older brother never said more then two words to her, and she never meet any of her relatives. At school, she was an outcast. The teachers barely acknowledged her and when they did, they treated her with distain. Her classmates ignored her, except to make fun of her. They called her Shadow Feline meaning not a real person.

On her sixth birthday she disappeared for the first time. It was a typical birthday for her, with nobody remembering it. She had been crying for a few minutes when she realized that she couldn’t see her paws anymore. This realization only made cry harder because, as her mother had told her, it meant the end of her life.

She had thought about not saying anything but she had been told that she would be severely punished if she tried to hide it. She left her room to let her parents know what had happened. They didn’t react to the news. Her mother simply got up and made a phone call. Her father told her to go and pack, then went back to reading the paper. She went back to her room and packed. She thought about calling a classmate to tell them what had happened, but she knew none of them would care. When she was done she just sat on her bed and waited.

For two hours she sat alone on her bed before a tap came at the door. It was her father was at the door with two other individuals she had never seen. They were both dressed in military uniforms and seemed annoyed. Her father told her that the two officers were here to take her to her away. She got up and followed the two officer’s to a vehicle outside their home. She had hoped her mother or father would come in to comfort her like she had seen other parents do at school even thought she knew they wouldn’t. It still hurt that they didn’t though.

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Tuesday, November 7th, 2006
9:47 pm
Updated back story, meow
On the planet of Besktar, all children are tested at birth for “the gift” and even though this ability remains dormant for several years it can be detected. Once the ability becomes active, the child is then taken away for special education and military training. The gift is the ability to become invisible to both the eye and most sensory devices. (Magical detection the only way to see them)

Shadow Feline was lucky enough to born with “the gift”. Because of this, her parents didn’t get close to their new born child. They didn’t even bother to give her a real name. The parents just called her Feline, which would be like calling someone on earth person. Shadow was the nick name given to her because she always seemed hard to see, even without the ability to become invisible. When Shadow turned six, her present was to be taken away from her parents.

Shadow was a quick learner and a great student in both combat and stealth. Her specialties in combat were her own claws and swords. Within a year she was put through several intense training programs and finished them all in record time. Because of her results, she received special training and had her claws fused with a special mental compound making them stronger the any metal on earth.

She was sent on her first mission at the age of ten. It was to assassinate a key member of an enemy country. When she returned she had changed emotionally. She no longer had the drive to fight, but when she was tested she preformed far better then she did before the mission. When given her next mission, another assassination, she broke down crying and refused to move.

Her commanders discussed what to do with her and decided that her skill was to good to waste so she was sent to defend the second son of the king. She accepted this since she believed no killing would be involved. The king’s second son (Dominic) was not what she expected. Unlike the king who was always looking out for the welfare of the people, Dominic was only interested in pleasing himself. He started abusing Shadow Feline within an hour of her arrival. Shadow Feline took the abuse as just part of her job, and because no one would listen when she complained.

Two years later, Dominic’s abuse had only gotten worse and was no longer limited to just her. He had started lying so he could watch servants being punished and stealing their meagre possessions since no one would believe them. Shadow could handle the abuse against her, but this mistreatment of the others was something she couldn’t stand. She forced her boss to listen and soon after Dominic was punished. Dominic, angered because he was being punished for his own actions, set up Shadow to take the blame after he killed a slave. Shadow tried to defender herself but no one seemed to listen. She was sentenced to life imprisonment in the mines.

While being transferred to the mines there was an explosion. During the confusion that followed, a masked individual helped her escape. That person led Shadow to a space ship and told her that she had to leave and never come back. On board she found some information about the destination, a planet called Earth, her sword and several other personal items. As the ship took off, Shadow took one last look at her home planet, before turning to look towards her new future.

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Monday, July 31st, 2006
3:19 pm

Before I get to the vacation lets get somethings out of the way.

First, Welcome newest members to our little SG. There is a catnip lab in the base, feel free to take some but leave a little for me, meow.

Second, I found this emote list which I believe has all of them. I broke up the site because links are not working for me when I post anymore. www dot cityofvillains.com/gameinfo/emoteguide dot html

Last, I leave in less then 20 hours on a two day bus trip to OTAKON (www dot otakon.com/default2 dot asp)in Baltimore USA. I will be arriving Thursday and will be there all weekend acting like a crazy person(Cosplay is fun) meow. I plan to have a lot of pics, but I am not sure where to post so it might take some time to get them up for everyone to see (though if things don't go well with one thing I am planning I might end up on CNN, for a "crime". I won't say for so you cannot be held accountable).

Either way, I plan to have a lot of fun and have an interesting experience no matter what, meow.

Demi, I am leaving you in charge of my lab while I am gone. I left some instructions in the lab area. If you follow them everything should be good, meow.

Have a good weekend and kick some extra butt on Sunday for me :)


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Monday, June 26th, 2006
8:03 pm
Laptop fun

I got a laptop so I can do more work done on my book. However, I cannot get it to connect to my other computer. But all I need is time to sit down of learn and work through the "wizard", meow.

Anyway, I just want to say that other then tonight I don't see myself getting any time on the game other then tonight. And as of right now, tonight isn't looking good. :(

I will make a huge attempt to play on Friday night... wait, LOL. I just remembered that I have all day friday off for Canada day. :) I will be on almost all day, hope to see others on, if not see you this weekend.


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Monday, May 29th, 2006
10:02 pm
Kitty's back story
On the planet of Besktar, all children are tested at birth for the gift and even though this ability remains dormant for several years, it can still be detected. Shadow Feline was lucky enough to born whit the gift to become invisible. Because of this gift her parents didn’t get close to her since all born with the gift are taken away once she figures out to use her ability. Shadows ability came to life shortly after her sixth birthday, and was taken away from her parents before she turned seven.

Shadow Feline was a quick learner and fast with both her claws and swords. With in a year she was put through several intense tests and successively beat all them. Because of her successes, she was ordered on her first mission at the age of 10. It was to assassinate a key member of the other country. When she returned she had changed emotionally. She no longer had the drive to fight, but when she was tested she preformed far better then she did before the mission. When given her next mission, another assassination, she broke down crying and refused to move.

Her commanders discussed what to do with her and decided that her skill was to go to waste so she was sent to defend the second son of the king. She accepted this since she believed no killing would be involved. The king’s second son (Dominic) was not what she expected. Unlike the king who was always looking out for the welfare of the people, Dominic was only interested in pleasing himself. He started abusing Shadow Feline within an hour of her arrival. Shadow Feline took the abuse as just part of her job, and because no one would listen when she complained.

Two years later, Dominic’s abuse was getting worse and was no longer limited to just her. He had started lying so he could watch servants being punished and stealing the meagre possessions of the slaves in the castle since no one would believe them anyways. Shadow could handle the abuse against her, but the treatment of the others was something she couldn’t stand. She forced her boss to listen and soon after Dominic was punished. Dominic, angered because he was being punished for his own actions, set up Shadow to take the blame after he killed a slave. Shadow tried to defender herself but no one seemed to listen. She was sentenced to life imprisonment.

While being transferred something exploded in the vehicle and during the confusion, someone helped her escape. This person took her straight to a space ship and told her to leave and never come back. On board she found some information about the destination, a planet called Earth. As the ship took off, Shadow took one last look at her home planet, before turning to look towards her new future.

She arrived on Earth as the Rikti war was ending. She remained invisible for the first month learning the customs and language. After that time she started begging for money so that she could feed herself. Unfortunately she was in the Rouge Isles, a place not known for helping others. Whenever she couldn’t make enough to eat she would steal, but she never wanted more then what she needed to stay alive, at least not until A.J. entered her life.


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Saturday, May 27th, 2006
6:41 am
Kitty on the move

I have decided that I am to out of shape right now and I am sick of feeling tired all the time, so kitty implemented (starting today) some new (and by new I mean starting a) work out plan. One aspect of this plan is when I get up in the morning, I go for a jog. I mention this because if I don't get up early enough I might not be ready to start right at 7 CST on Sunday, meow. I will still be on, but I might be late due to the fact I will be outside chasing the ball of string on a stick attached to my forehead. (Pics to come)

In other news, I haven't seen X3 The last stand yet, but I have plans to see it twice already. I sure hope its good.

In world news, if you read 8-bit theature you don't want to miss todays comic. If you don't read it, for shame. http://www.nuklearpower.com/index.php I suggest starting at the beginning.

Meow is the lonelyest number since the number 1

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Thursday, May 18th, 2006
9:55 pm
Group 2 (no name yet)
The second group is the main rivals of COIF. Although their overall missions are different, they often find themselves fighting to get the same things.

The leader of this group is a military MM named Captain A.J. His power is in his ability to read people and to get them to follow him to the ends of the earth. A fifth generation military commander, his knowledge of battle situations and how best to handle them, with or without powers, is almost unmatched.

Sam and A.J. have known each other since they were kids. Sam had few friends and when his powers came to be at the age of 6, A.J. became the only friend he had. When A.J. joined the military, Sam joined too. His powers are in superior strength, tough skin, adrenaline boost, and positive energy attacks. He will stick by A.J.’s side to the end of the earth.

Janet joined Captain A.J.’s unit in 2 years before the Rikti attacked. She is a trained field medic whose powers are in energy shields and energy manipulation in others. After the incident at “Willbury Hill”, she will stick by Captain A.J. until his name is cleared of the treason charges.

Andy’s a powerful illusionist who’s powers formed at an early age. Unfortunately for him, the power is magical and no one thought to check for that when testing him. He has spent almost all of his life in a mental hospital. One day A.J. noticed him and A.J. convinced the hospital that he could cure him. The hospital, just glad to be rid of him, agreed and A.J. spent the next 6 months working daily with Andy (age 15), teaching him to handle his powers. Andy is now fiercely loyal to A.J. for giving him a life without constant fear and contempt from those around him.

Shadow Feline is, as most of you know, is a fugitive from another planet who came to Earth to escape the false charges against her. A lack of understanding of Earth’s customs and lost childhood makes her appear as a somewhat innocent child at times. However, her life on her home world and the years living on the streets in Rouge Isles has made her anything but an innocent child. A.J. noticed her on the street one day begging for food. He offered her something better and Shadow has been at his side ever since. Shadow Feline will do anything for A.J., even kill. (In case I never said it anywhere, Shadow despises killing ever since her first mission.)

The group formed out of a series of bad events that started when the Rikti attacked. A.J., a captain at this point, was sent to lead a group of mainly non-powers to defend one of the flanks at a place called Willbury Hill. What quickly became known in this war was that non-powers squads were completely useless during the initial attack because the weapons they had were not powerful enough to penetrate the Rikti armour. They did everything they could but the unit was quickly overrun and soon the remaining forces found themselves trapped in a small tower. Of a squad of 750 troops, they had been reduced to little more then a dozen. There orders had been to defend Willbury Hill at all costs, but it had been lost so A.J. gave an order to drive a line straight for the ocean with the hope of making it back to Paragon City. They charged from the tower with deadly force catching the Rikti by surprise and allowing them to disrupt the Rikti advance for a moment. It was a bloody run to the coast but they made it with only a few casualties. Unfortunately during the escape their boat was damaged in such a way that they didn’t know where they were or where they were going. Soon they found a deserted island, and the remaining ten survivors stayed there for months before a ship heading for Rouge Isles spotted them. They talked their way onboard, and soon found themselves in Rougle Isles waiting to head back to Paragon City. During the wait on the Isles, A.J. was able to contact his father to tell him he was all right. A.J. was shocked to find out that they had all been branded as traitors. A.J.’s father never believed it, but told his son to stay away until the issue was resolved. A.J. agreed to stay on the Isles until his name was cleared but told the rest of the squad to head home and tell them that they were only following orders. Nobody wanted to leave but A.J. made at least one of them go home to defend him, while the rest stayed behind to carve out a new life.

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The Clergy of COIF
The Clergy of COIF is the group of powers the run COIF. The group formed because of two main factors, personal interests and lack of options. This team came together because they each needed others to succeed and because despite each of their own flaws, they work extremely well together.

The mission of COIF is currently unknown, but all clues point to gaining money for some over priced reward. It has been speculated that they are trying to buy there way into a stronger group, possibly the Archons, but it seems unlikely that anyone else would want them.

The leader of the group is a zombie MM who nobody can understand (except his minions and Drunken). So despite is great ability to lead, everything he says needs to be translated and more often then not his message is lost. The fact he is dead doesn’t really seem to bother people.

Drunken Rambler is the focus of the book and is the main comic relief, even when she is not trying to be. Often drunk, her lack focus and any real offensive powers makes her useless on her own. However, she has many healing powers and shields that she can create. Combine that with a care of those around her and her ability to execute plans, she makes a powerful ally.

James was the son of a wealthy businessman, he is a rich spoiled brat that lost all his money and gained his powers at the age of 17 during a dark moment of his life. He spends his time trying to get back to the society he grew up in but doesn’t want to get dirty to do it. Speed, strength and quick healing make him a great ally, but an unwillingness to do any actual work makes him a constant pain. Also, he is the only one that doesn’t know Drunken’s past.

Eddy is of the negative energy stream. His inability to handle taunting from others makes him almost useless against most enemies and seemingly useless ally. However his lone wolf attitude is a cover for the desire for acceptance from others, which once given makes him completely loyal teammate.

Eve is a great strategist and has powerful control over gravity. She brings a sane mind to a pack of nut jobs, but despite her great mind for planning, there is always a basic flaw with her plans. This leads others to question her, something she hates more then anything else.

As you can see this group is filled with people with all sorts of issues. But somehow when they fight as one, they are unstoppable, almost.

There are two other groups in COIF, one is another group of powers (All undetermined at this point) and a group of mainly tech-nerds and marines who are responsible for guarding the hideout.

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Sunday, May 14th, 2006
9:46 am
History of Drunken Rambler
Born and raised in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, Milton Argonn had a somewhat typical childhood. He was smaller and slower (both physically and mentally) then the rest of his class, which made him a bit of an outcast. At the age of 14 he started drinking and before he turned 15 he was an alcoholic. This caused him to drop out of school and get a job to pay for more booze. He never lasted long at any one job (kept coming in hammered), but he didn’t have much trouble finding work. When he turned 17 his parents through him on the street and he spent the next couple of years doing what ever was needed to stay alive and get more booze.

When the Rikti attacked, he tried to join the army to do his part. The recruiter turned him away. Disillusioned and drunk, Milton left Moose Jaw and never returned.

While traveling across Canada and the U.S., he got involved in increasing more complicated and dangerous crimes. Milton proved to excellent at coming up with and executing plans. He could have gone far as a criminal, but his drinking habits held him back. He spent almost all of the money from every job on booze. Crime bosses kept firing him, fearing his drunken behaviour would bring them down.

Milton started working as a free lancer, taking jobs all over the world and pulling off some of the greatest heists the world has ever seen. He was always broke though. Getting hammered after every job on whatever was around. He liked this life though, lots of travel and new kinds of booze to try. But all good things must come to an end.

After finishing a job in Russia, he went to a local bar and got wasted like always. As usual he woke up in a hospital, which wasn’t unusual. However this time something was different, something was… missing. When he realized what was missing, “she” nearly died.

Yes, Milton had a sex change. He, sorry, she tried everything she could think of to change back to her old self but the old parts had gone missing. She went into a deep depression and spent the next few days cooping with the loss the only way she new how, by drinking Unfortunately for Milton, the tools used for the operation were not sterile and the alcohol she got a hold of was contaminated. A reaction ensued that would have killed a normal person, but with her tolerance to alcohol she was able to survive with only a slight side effect. The effect, she had super powers now, and with these new found powers she went out and stole almost all the liquor in the city, and ran.

Over the next few years she wondered around trying to figure out what to do next. Most of the time she spent stealing whatever she wanted, which often changed mid robbery. As she neared the end of this stage in her life she was always wasted, even during robberies. While robbing a place she would often go off on a rant or confuse the victims by contradicting herself. This earned her the nick name Drunken Rambler.

In the end, the sex change was not all bad. Sure she missed her old “friend”, but she had gained two new “friends” and a better understanding of all females (like why they like to stand in front of a mirror for so long).

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Tuesday, May 9th, 2006
9:20 pm
After a long thought about what to say about my book, this kitty is going to tell you three different things. The first will be my history of the Rouge Isles. The second will be about the main group of “villains” and the second part will be about the main rivals. So on to the history, meow.

After Lord Recluse took control of the Rouge Isles, powers started coming out of every nook and cranny. At the beginning of this new age, the powers were mainly independents, working with others rarely and only for a couple of days at a time. Then a group calling themselves “the 2nd wind” formed with the plan to hire other powers for longer periods of time and for larger, more rewarding goals. Their ranks swelled with members and they quickly became a strong force on the islands. Other groups formed quickly to try and capitalize in the wake of 2nd wind, but most disappeared as fast as they formed. Only 3 groups managed to gain any kind of power, the first was the LSE or League of Superior Enforcers. This group had strong ties to “the family” and focused on the guarding and transporting, limiting there influence. The next was the SSP or Secret Society of Powers, whose focus is mainly for money and mystical powers. The last group was API or Alliance of Personal Interests. They are more like a group of Individuals then a group, but when the chips are down expect a full house.

With the growing power of these super groups, things started becoming unstable. Recluse reacted by implementing a watchdog system for all these new super groups. All operations against specific groups would have to be cleared first, and these groups would have to do missions that they Recluse ordered. All the new super groups complied with the new law, except for 2nd Wind who refused any outside influence on their group. With this open defiance, everyone started betting on who would win the coming war. The bets were split down the middle.

Recluse made the first move, launching a strike that lasted one hour. After that hour, 95% of the people in the 2nd Wind super group had been slain. The other five percent revealed themselves as agents of Recluse. Recluse showed no mercy, provided no chance, and left no doubt about who ran the isles.

Remember one thing, meow, this may change and most likely will.

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