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shadow_feline's Journal

Born on the planet of Besktar, Shadow Feline was lucky enough to the gift to become invisible. This ability is not uncommon for the Besktarians, but it is rare enough of a gift to warrant special treatment. She was trained to protect people using a sword, and her abilities at a young age gave her even better treatment. She was sent to guard the king’s second son, but the son was a cruel master. He abused her both mentally and physically, and she took it thinking it was normal. She guarded him for two years before the king’s son killed someone important, and blamed her. Confused by the accusation, she didn’t reacted to late and was imprisoned. The king’s son came often to laugh at her, but she never said a word about anything. One of her commanders who knew her well and new the king’s son helped her escape and sent her to another planet.

She arrived on Earth and became an instant outcast because of the way she looked and acted. Confused and unsure of herself she lived where ever she could and hunted/stole what she could for food. She continued to do this until... Will finish later